Followers! Lemmings!

Step right up. Take a moment, reflect.

Reflect whether your candidate matches the following prescription, description and formula.

I know you like him. I know you like her. I know you get a tingly feeling! I know you think things will change for your better!

I understand you’re making some kind of point with your vote, your passionately-held beliefs, etc., and you’re doing it for the good of the country, or your extra-country ideology.

I understand you probably care dearly about some high concept or somebody’s skin color or some tax that might conceptually affect you if you ever get a 200 percent raise.

But really… try to analyze (impartially, if you can) whether your candidate is a mouthbreather.

And whether that verysame mouthbreather would leave someone dead on your kitchen floor… because it would be easier to do so than to not do so.

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