A mystical listicle containing feel-good hits of the summer for romance, BBQing, angstifying, and bullshitting with made up words over late-night blender drinks. If you’re into that kind of thing.

These are offered without comment.

If you care to comment on the picks, don’t. Like my momma used to say, “Fuck You.” (Just kidding – that’s a Ween quote, as heard below.)

1. New Day Rising, Husker Du

2. Double Nickels on the Dime, the Minutemen

3. Strapped Live, the Pietasters

4. Anything He Ever Did, Prince

5. Any greatest hits collection you can find, the Four Tops

6. Chocolate and Cheese, Ween

7. Fun House, The Stooges

8. Mingus Dynasty, Charles Mingus

9. Back Stabbers, the O’Jays

10. Absolutely anything – Parliament

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