Yes – you need to read this, in that particular fleeting moment between the red and green lights, in the heartbeats before the train arrives, in the nanoseconds before you must attend to the ping of that email.

My short story “Laid Off,” is featured in the third issue of “Cracked Eye,” a British literary magazine.

But it’s not that quality of my story you must pause for – it’s the magazine itself. This is a new publication that is hedging its bets that the human experience is only relevant with stories – and that even Twitter-addicted maniacs will need to pause from their 140-character fixes.

The fine publishers cram their iPhone-friendly issues with videos, art, comics, and quality fiction. They are betting that people will need a distraction from the reality speeding around them, the train that they just missed.

And I hope that they are right. For the good of all of us, in these immemorable moments between Tweets.

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