Now that the chatter and the clatter has subsided, the death of David Bowie is left to settle among us fans who aren’t going to make hay or hashtags of it.

The man’s music and lyrics were way too good for more than a decade to make his art pop – so David Jones swapped masks one after the other to make it easier for the rabble to understand, commiserate, and emulate.

His final mask, of course, was that deathmask of “Blackstar.” It might go down as his best album since Heroes, once it is fully appreciated.

Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke and all the rest left the stage with their head held high, to the applause of billions.

But truly more important was how much that glorious alien man helped misfits, weirdos, freaks and space cadets all over this world feel like they could indeed make something beautiful of themselves.

Below are three of my favorite Bowie songs, in no particular order.


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