Just read an unsettling book – The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by horror writer Thomas Ligotti. A non-fiction philosophical treatise, recommended my way by a friend who found it through the musings of the main character in the TV show True Detective.

This was heavy stuff, laid on a foundation that human life is meaningless, but stopping short of advocating suicide. Near-Death Experiences, the impossibility of Zen Buddhist enlightenment, the Lovecraft universe of death at a moment’s notice, and the fear of nothingness are all mingled in a byzantine ramble around the modern human consciousness.

To put it simply, it was a… bummer.

But it reminded me of a story I published back a few years back, entitled Oxygen and Elbow Room. As with all the best-intentioned fiction, I only answered the question about the value of human life in a world that mostly despises us.

But I think it takes something a little bit extra to kick someone over the edge from nihilism to absolute contrarian hatred of reality, convention, and tradition.

Needless to say, human extinction is probably not the answer anyone needs.

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